5 Important Blogging Tools You Must Have

5 Important Blogging Tools You Must Have

Let’s face the truth to ourselves. Growing a blog isn’t an overnight thing. You have to work consistently towards your goals without feeling discouraged. Your content matters the most to both you and your readers. But there sure are some important blogging tools you can use to make your blogging experience and career success.

If you are a part of blogging community or are eyeing it for a while, you are probably aware how useful blogging tools are. From helping and guiding you through insides of blogging, writing your content to marketing it, blogging tools have you covered.

I have made a list of blogging tools that are useful, regardless of your blogging niche. So let’s have a look at them one by one.

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The first in the list of blogging tools in this list is Grammarly. When writing a blog post, mistakes are bound to happen. But you urge yourself to just go on with your writing, promising to yourself that you’ll get back at those mistakes and correct them later. And when you are finished writing the whole post, you are just so tired that you want to hit publish and close your computer.

Did I just write the difficulty I face hiding behind you? Yes, I did. But I’m sure you can relate. We all are human, and competing with machines consumes our energy on a whole new level. That’s why I use Grammarly. It’s an editing tool that scans your text and corrects your grammatical mistakes, spellings, punctuations and so much more.

Grammarly also has a plagiarism checker that detects your content for plagiarism from billions of web pages to tell you if your content contains some kind of duplicate content or not. It is so helpful for a blogger when we all are working hard to create original content. Grammarly has a browser extension so you don’t have to move your content from one place to another. You can edit it as you write on your blogging website.

You can get this tool to assist you on your blogging journey by clicking here.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is the best search engine optimization SEO of blogging tools I have come across. When you start blogging, you have to optimize your content for search engines on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This SEO plugin makes it easy to handle that whole tiring process while you’re writing the post.

It analysis your key phrase volume in your blog post according to your word count, your title width and slug. It helps to keep your post’s readability good by telling you if you are using enough active voice, transition words and consecutive sentences, etc.

Yoast SEO also assists you in having a meta description of perfect length with keywords in it. And make sure to remind you to include alt text in all your images for better image optimization. In short, with Yoast SEO, your blog content is perfect enough to rank high on search pages. Click here to get started with Yoast SEO.


The next of the blogging tools in this list is Semrush. We all know how important key phrases are to rank high in the search engine. Semrush goes hand in hand with Yoast SEO. It optimizes your keywords for search engines. And provide you with a lot of different options of keywords to choose from. It also helps in giving you insightful reports on improving your online visibility.

Semrush has a lot of features and services for SEO, PPC, Keyword Research, Content Marketing, etc. It has unique plans and you can start with a free trial in no time. Semrush Ebooks” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Semrush Ebooks. And Tailwind

So now that you have a tool for your blog post content and editing. Another for your search engine and keyword research. That means you have all the important tools to publish your blog post without any worry. Now it’s time for the hard part. Marketing your content.

Having a social marketing platform where your users connect with you directly is helpful. And Pinterest is the fastest growing platform to increase traffic on your website. But keeping up with Pinterest is a task in itself. Tailwind is a social media scheduler that will schedule your pins for you. It will guide you with a pre-made weekly pin planner, and all you have to do is add your pins to the queue.

The pins get to your Pinterest automatically at the time you set it. It is the best Pinterest marketing tool. My favorite features of Tailwind are:

  • You can join unlimited communities of bloggers like you where you can share your pins and chat with fellow community members.
  • They have an additional feature where you can customize and design your pins yourself with font, color themes of your choice.

Be part of Tailwind and start marketing your blog post by clicking here.

If you are more active on Instagram. Tailwind has the same plan for Instagram where you can schedule your posts with eye checking post description. They also provide you with the well-filtered hashtags to be high on the tag list.


This is the last blogging tool in this list, but not the least one for sure. In Sitechecker.pro, you can run a website speed test and measure it with their help if it is slow. This blogging tool is a lifesaver for me. Even though your site is doing pretty fine, there are always some hidden issues we can’t see. My favorite feature of Sitechecker.pro is their Website Crawler service.

If you don’t know what a website crawler is, it is an internet bot that browses through the world wide web (www). Basically, it indexes web pages to retrieve information. It also checks your traffic and on-page SEO along with audit and how to fix your page issues.

These are the 5 important blogging tools that are helpful and assist you in efficient blogging journey. With competition growing day by day, it’s important that you stay strong and don’t give up. By listing these tools, I tried my best to remind you that it is not impossible to be consistent in your journey.

If you feel like some tools can help you in your blogging, don’t be afraid to try them. You might hesitate before trying a new thing, but these risks are what helps in success. I hope you enjoyed it and found something for yourself. Tell me in the comments below, what is the blogging tool that stayed with you since you started blogging.

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Happy blogging.

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